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1:   <p class="pageTitle">Welcome to Antville!</p>
2:   <p>Congratulations for successfully installing Antville. Just three further small steps are needed before you can start to use this site hosting system:
3:   <ul>
4:   <li>First, you should <% to="members/register" text="register yourself" %>. Doing so will grant you system administration privileges (of course you can grant these rights to other users later).</li>
5:   <li>Second, you should <% to="manage/setup" text="configure Antville" %> (e.g. define the standard language or set permissions to allow other users to create sites here).</li>
6:   <li>Third, you should <% to="new" text="create your first site" %>.</li>
7:   </ul>
8:   After you have completed these two steps your Antville installation will be up and running.</p>
10:  <p>Have fun!</p>