Package helma.framework.core

Class Summary
AppClassLoader ClassLoader subclass with package accessible addURL method.
Application The central class of a Helma application.
ApplicationBean Application bean that provides a handle to the scripting environment to application specific functionality.
Prototype The Prototype class represents Script prototypes/type defined in a Helma application.
RemoteApplication Proxy class for Aplication that listens to requests via RMI.
RequestEvaluator This class does the work for incoming requests.
RequestPath Represents a URI request path that has been resolved to an object path.
Session This represents a session currently using the Hop application.
SessionBean The SessionBean wraps a Session object and exposes it to the scripting framework.
Skin This represents a Helma skin, i.e. a template created from containing Macro tags that will be dynamically evaluated..
SkinManager Manages skins for a Helma application
TypeManager The type manager periodically checks the prototype definitions for its applications and updates the evaluators if anything has changed.

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