Package helma.objectmodel.db

Interface Summary
IDGenerator An interface for objects that generate IDs (Strings) that are unique for a specific type.
IReplicationListener RMI interface for an application.
Key This is the interface for the internal representation of an object key.

Class Summary
DbColumn A class that encapsulates the Column name and data type of a column in a relational table.
DbKey This is the internal representation of a database key.
DbMapping A DbMapping describes how a certain type of Nodes is to mapped to a relational database table.
DbSource This class describes a releational data source (URL, driver, user and password).
MultiKey This is the internal representation of a database key with multiple columns.
Node An implementation of INode that can be stored in the internal database or an external relational database.
NodeHandle This class is a handle or reference to a Node.
NodeManager The NodeManager is responsible for fetching Nodes from the internal or external data sources, caching them in a least-recently-used Hashtable, and writing changes back to the databases.
ParentInfo This class describes a parent relation between releational nodes.
Property A property implementation for Nodes stored inside a database.
Relation This describes how a property of a persistent Object is stored in a relational database table.
Replicator This class replicates the updates of transactions to other applications via RMI
SubnodeList A subclass of ArrayList that adds an addSorted(Object) method to
SyntheticKey This is the internal key for an object that is not - or not directly - fetched from a db, but derived from another object.
Transactor A subclass of thread that keeps track of changed nodes and triggers changes in the database when a transaction is commited.
WrappedNodeManager A wrapper around NodeManager that catches most Exceptions, or rethrows them as RuntimeExceptions.

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