Package helma.util

Class Summary
Base64 Provides encoding of raw bytes to base64-encoded characters, and decoding of base64 characters to raw bytes.
CopyOnWriteMap A Map that wraps another map and creates a new copy of the wrapped map if we try to modify it.
CronJob A cron entry, derived from Protomatter's CronEntry class.
CryptFile This file authenticates against a passwd file
CryptResource This file authenticates against a passwd source
Diff A class to compare vectors of objects.
Diff.change The result of comparison is an "edit script": a chain of change objects.
EmptyEnumeration Utility class for empty enum
FileLogger An extended Logger that writes to a file and rotates files each midnight.
HtmlEncoder This is a utility class to encode special characters and do formatting for HTML output.
InetAddressFilter A class for paranoid servers to filter IP addresses.
Logger A simple logger that writes to a PrintStream such as System.out.
Logging Implementation of Jakarta Commons LogFactory that supports both simple console logging and logging to files that are rotated and gzipped each night.
Logo class with byte data of helma logo
MimePart This represents a MIME part of a HTTP file upload
MimePartDataSource Makes MimeParts usable as Datasources in the Java Activation Framework (JAF)
ParanoidServerSocket A server socket that can allow connections to only a few selected hosts.
ResourceProperties A property dictionary that is updated from property resources
StringUtils Utility class for String manipulation.
SystemMap Map class used internally by Helma.
SystemProperties A property dictionary that is updated from a property file each time the file is modified.
Timer Utility class for timing a series of events
UrlEncoded A proxy to which only encodes when there is actual work to do.
WeakCacheMap A CacheMap subclass that uses WeakHashMaps internally for its rotating tables.
WrappedMap A Map that wraps another map.

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