Version 0.7, May 14, 2004

- sendmode for each mounting, default is to wait for all

- fixed bug that made the group use the wrong name

- group logs elapsed milliseconds for network actions

Version 0.6, Mar 29, 2004

- removed compatibility with FESI and helma 1.2.

- configuration for jg-stack can be fetched from an URL

- name of a group is the name of the stack config (first line of
  the xml-config file)

Version 0.5.1, Jan 5, 2004

- logging in helma 1.3 changed slightly, therefore minor tweak
  necessary if compiled with helma 1.2

Version 0.5, Nov 11, 2003

- Updated packages from Javagroups to JGroups

- added COMPRESS protocol which made own async state transfer obsolete,
  removed most of those functions

Version 0.4, Sept 29, 2003

- GroupExtension now runs Rhino too, so finally we're Helma1.3 compatible

- compilation now needs both an 1.2 and a 1.3 installation

- created scripts helmagroups/ and test.bat that can create a group
  without starting helma and provide information on multicast settings in
  the network

- fixed bug concerning creation of the root object in a group

Version 0.3.1, Mar 07, 2003

- Fixed bug related to 
  offline manipulation of GroupObjects

- Fixed bug

- Added group.log(msg) to log in the same logfile as the group extension does.

- In group.writeable and group.writable can be used

- Added group.getFullConfig()

- Included which contains a mountpoint that can be added to any
  application using the groupextension. It provides a simple to all available
  data of a group.