[AppDir]/ is the deployment descriptor for an application.

This file can contain settings of various special parameters used by Helma. The general form for all key/value pairs follows this syntax:

keyNameABC = SomeStringValue 
# This line here just demonstrate how comments are being added

Examples for such parameters would be the setting of the request timeout, the maximum number of Java threads to be available at a time, or whether the logging of SQL should be enabled. See the reference section (FIXME LINK) for a complete list of internal parameters.

Additionally this file can also contain any number of custom key/value pairs, that can be accessed from within the scripting environment. That value could then be accessed from the application code via '' (with the key being case-insensitive). Purpose of this mechanism is, to have all deployment-relevant settings being stored in one common file, so that (theoretically) this would be the only file to be modified in order to deploy an application.

The file '[HelmaHome]/' follows the same syntax, and a similar purpose. It can be seen as the deployment descriptor for a server. All defined key/value pairs are also available in all applications, but can be overridden by [AppDir]/ for each one. Generally it is a good advice to keep all relevant custom-settings just in Also see the reference (FIXME LINK) section for