[AppDir]/db.properties defines connections to relational databases.

This file can contain any number of relational data sources. These sources can be used for Helma's DB mapping mechanism, which maps prototypes to database tables, or to submit SQL statements directly to a database.

For each defined data source, the arguments 'url', 'driver', 'user' and 'password' need to be set. Any further arguments are also passed along, when a new connection is established. The name of the source can be arbitrarily chosen.

sourceName.url = jdbc:mysql://ServerName/DatabaseName 
sourceName.driver = NameOfJavaClassToBeUsedAsDriver 
sourceName.user = UserName 
sourceName.password = Password 
sourceName.XYZ = ABC

Examples of data sources for a MySQL, resp. an Oracle database:

mysqlDB.url      = jdbc:mysql://localhost/db_twoday 
mysqlDB.driver   = com.mysql.jdbc.Driver 
mysqlDB.user     = helma 
mysqlDB.password = secret 
oracleDB.url      = jdbc:oracle://db.domain.com/oracle 
oracleDB.driver   = oracle.jdbc.driver.OracleDriver 
oracleDB.user     = helma 
oracleDB.password = secret

LINK: reference/db.properties