Global.helma.Zip.Entry (entry)
constructor for Entry objects holding the meta-data of a zip entry: .name (String) name of the entry .size (Int) decompressed size of the entry in bytes .time (Date) last modification timestamp of the entry or null .isDirectory (Boolean) true in case entry is a directory, false otherwise .data (ByteArray) ByteArray containing the data of the entry

  • Parameter Object: Object
Sourcecode in /home/hannes/helma/modules/helma/Zip.js:
362:   helma.Zip.Entry = function(entry) {
363: = entry.getName();
364:       this.size = entry.getSize();
365:       this.time = entry.getTime() ? new Date(entry.getTime()) : null;
366:       this.isDirectory = entry.isDirectory();
367: = null;
368:       for (var i in this)
369:           this.dontEnum(i);
370:       return this;
371:  }